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Eno - Reverb Guitar Pedal

One of my favorite things about being the double threat of a musician and a consumer is buying gear. I've never had the money (or the remaining credit) to opt for the greats, so I've always gone for the interesting. I'm curating a small collection of affordable gear at really small mark-ups, and this Eno Reverb Pedal is where I'm starting. I'm guessing Brian has never heard of this company before, and maybe this Chinese pedal manufacturer is in the clear. It probably sounds pretty good, cheap gear has come a long way. In addition to guitar/keyboard, I would try this as a mono reverb send on something random to give it out-of-the-box character. The visual design of this pedal is great, so do consider those stage optics!
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True bypass
Spring, Plate, Room, Hall, Ducking, Echo, Space sounds, etc.
Level, Time, Wave-band, Dry/Wet, 0.25in monaural jack.
DC 9V 

Package List:
1 * Reverb Pedal
1 * Cloth Bag
1 * User Manual (English & Chinese)
Power adapter not included.
Eno - Reverb Guitar Pedal

Eno - Reverb Guitar Pedal